Ignite Your Energy, Brain & Body With A Customized One-On-One Consultation WitH Dr. Brad Gorski

Here at Turned On Living, customized healthcare means more. We don’t just base our recommendations on your unique blood pressure, heart rate, and reported symptoms as many traditional physicians–we learn who you are inside and out based on what truly affects the functioning of your body! Dr. Gorski will analyze your environment and lifestyle as well as your foundational genetic blueprint in order to personalize your care as you’ve never before experienced.

What’s Blocking High Performance In The 21st Century?

1. Toxicity

From the air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we consume and in the comfort of our homes we are exposed to toxins daily. Yes, we live in a toxic world that is becoming more and more toxic. From what you touch, taste and breathe you are being exposed to toxins.

According To The EPA Our Indoor Air Is Now 2-5X More Toxic Than Our Outdoor Environment

Toxicity created disease is an epidemic in our country. Problems such as: weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalance, sleep issues, cancer, auto-immune disease, allergies, autism, ADD, depression and asthma can all be caused and triggered from an onslaught of toxicity. Many clients fail tests that confirm the present of “Biotoxic mediated Illness”.

Heavy Metal Toxins Are Known Carcinogens

Heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury are some of the most common environmental toxins that many people come back positive for! Heavy metals bioaccumulate in the body and have been linked to:

What’s Blocking High Performance In The 21st Century?

2. Deficiencies

Micronutrients are not produced in the body and must be derived from the diet. The health and integrity of the intestinal tract are important for proper absorption. 2 major ways that your body becomes depleted is through the overuse of medications and because of the lack of nutrients in our soil.

Medications Cause Deficiencies & Deplete The Nutrients In Your Body

Let’s consider cholesterol medications which one in four Americans over the age of 45 take. There are roughly 127 million Americans over age 45 currently on the drug. Any American on these drugs run the risk of being deficient in the major nutrient of coenzyme Q10. Many doctors may prescribe the medication but never supplement for the deficiency it creates.

All anti-depressants also deplete the body of this essential enzyme (COQ10). Female hormones such hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives, cause the body to be deficient in Vitamin B6, B2, B3, B12, folic acid, vitamin C, magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

I know you must be thinking,“Well, that’s why I take my supplements and have been to an alternative Doctor. ”Most alternative doctors are using a cloak of “functional medicine” to sell more or less par supplements. What you may not know is that most supplements are ineffective made of “synthetic” substances that aren’t the same molecular structure as what is found in nature. When your body doesn’t recognize them you end up with expensive urine because you are not able to absorb the nutrients.

Clients Taking High Amounts Of Supplements Still Come Back Severely

Your Digestive System is Your 2nd Brain It’s Responsible For 70% Of Your Immunity & Absorbing All Nutrients

The digestive system is the gateway to the body. Everything that moves through your intestines is still in some sense outside of the body. It hasn’t gone in yet. When you eat a food, what happens to it? How does it get in? What regulates the process of absorption?

One of the first digestive “steps” is interacting with gut bacteria. Trillions of bacteria live in your gut and regulate the process of breaking down food and the absorption of nutrients from what you eat. These bacteria are essential for a healthy digestive system.

Because of all the damaging factors we are being exposed to the digestive system becomes compromised. This enables unhealthy bacteria to flourish causing hormone dysregulation, fatigue and weight gain.

Furthermore, stress hormones cause a decrease in optimal gut health. Indulging in sweets and alcohol feed those unhealthy bacteria which can further any health challenges you may have.

GI Panels Can Show Overgrowths Of Bad Bacteria That Can Lead To

What’s Blocking High Performance In The 21st Century?

3. A Lack Of Customized Lifestyle Strategies

Don’t worry I didn’t forget to address STRESS!! Adrenal fatigue is becoming a very common condition. So what is adrenal fatigue? Your adrenal glands are 2 walnut sized glands right above the kidneys, although small they are responsible for one of the most important functions in your body- managing your stress.

When your adrenal glands are constantly worked or under chronic stress, a condition known as adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion sets in, which in turn can set a cascade of disease processes into motion. Signs of adrenal fatigue are feeling chronically fatigued, sleep disorders, weight gain and depression.

Top Factors That Trigger Stress:

Stress = Bad Hormones & Accelerated Aging

Customizing on the Cellular & Genomic Level

I believe the future of health care is understanding your unique genetic blueprint in order to get specific instructions to maximize your health and fitness. For example: What type of fats can you consume? Are nuts and dairy safe to consume? Should you be on a low carb diet? What are your genes saying about your detoxification pathways, sleep, fitness, etc?

Genetics and genomics are very different but often get confused. Genomics is the study and interpretation of all your genes and how they interact with each other. Genetics is the study of individual genes, or parts of genes, that have a known function. Focusing on lifestyle genes allows you to alter your lifestyle for top health and peak performance.

The Future of Health Care

What are your concerns? This is what I hear from people the most:

  1. All of my tests have come back normal but intuitively I know something is not right in my body.
  2. I have started experiencing subtle symptoms and am concerned I am not in control of my health.
  3. I have witnessed the health decline of my parent’s and I am concerned I may share the same fate.

Your Solution

Having these concerns/uncertainty subconsciously affects performance and productivity so I have created a proprietary process called The Body Analytic Blueprint™ it gives people confidence to know exactly what their body needs on the genomic and cellular level. This 5-step process helps individuals by identifying and implementing a customized lifestyle plan specific to their unique needs all while putting them in control.

Dr. Gorski’s 5 Steps To Unlock Your Body Analytic Blueprint™:

(1) Reveal – we help clarify the intention for your future life and expose the toxic health blind spots for Turned On Living.

(2) Edge – we don’t guess we test to ensure Turned On Energy, Immunity, Focus, Productivity and Performance.

(3) Ignite – This is where momentum and clarity become abundant from implementing your unique genomic and cellular blueprint.

(4) Arise – we work together to strategize, trouble shoot and direct you for long term sustainability.

(5) Turned On Living
– you are grateful for your new level of awareness and begin to enjoy the infinite possibilities of life, because you have taken health to a whole new level.

Here Is What You Will Get In Your Customized One-On-One Consultation

Peak Performance Health Questionnaire

45 minute consult with me from anywhere in the world via video conferencing. I will have reviewed your health questionnaire and provide as much value as possible.


Uncover the top 3 things blocking you from mental clarity, increased energy and your ideal weight.

Reveal the top 3 life strategies you need to start implementing right away.

Customized lab recommendations for those who want the most advanced diagnostics available.

Sign Up & Apply Today. Limited spots are available!

My 3 Rules – To Have Success:

1. You Must Value Your Health
2. Committed To Growth
3. Coachable

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